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Joanne Mantis

Philanthropy & Community Involvement

Joanne Mantis has a strong passion for her legal career, a love for philanthropy, and helping others in her community.

Joanne Mantis, of New Orleans, LA, is a Maritime and Admiralty Attorney at King & Jurgens. Although Joanne has a strong passion for her legal career, she also has a love for philanthropy and helping others in her community. Currently, Joanne is involved with the Women’s Guild of the New Orleans Opera Association, she is the Administrative Vice-President. This organization promotes the art of opera and its history in New Orleans, as the first opera in the U.S. was held in the city. To keep the tradition alive, the Women’s Guild works to raise enough money for local school children to visit the opera for performances. Interested students may also pursue a scholarship to fund the study of opera. Additionally, Joanne is currently the Honorary Consul of The Republic of Cyprus for Louisiana.

While Joanne Mantis has a particular interest in opera, she is also involved in Lafreniere Park, in Jefferson Parish, LA. She is on the Board of the Patrons of the Lafreniere Park, Joanne has the opportunity to provide insight on ways to better the park’s facilities, activities and beautification, leading to a better experience for Jefferson Parish constituents and visitors alike. Each year, Lafreniere Park puts on concerts in the spring and fall, as well as other activities. Visitors may also enjoy picturesque landscapes, including several ponds. There is also a dog park for residents to use. Recently, the park has received a large endowment, which the Foundation will put toward future improvements and beautification. Joanne’s love for the park comes from an appreciation for nature and the hope that others will make great use of the park’s facilities.

Joanne Mantis Headshot

Community, Career, and other Pursuits

Aside from these projects, Joanne Mantis is a firm believer in community support. Her goal is to better her community by remaining involved in projects that help everyone live a better life. She supports any initiative that works to provide a higher quality of life in her community, whether she is able to get directly involved or not. Joanne also encourages others to become similarly involved in their local community works.

Apart from her community involvement, Joanne Mantis spends much of her time working as a maritime and admiralty lawyer. Over the years, Joanne has been able to pursue many notable career achievements, such as working to represent government entities in the BP oil spill cases. Additionally, Joanne is admitted to practice law in Greece, which she previously did full-time. Outside of her legal career, Joanne also runs Poseidon International Maritime, a steamship agency founded by her father.