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The nonprofit sector continues to grow and evolve. Despite the fundraising challenges that arose during the pandemic, nonprofits are expected to do more to serve their audiences and communities. Marketing and fundraising efforts require consistent activity and reliable resources. Here are a few essential philanthropic publications that are essential for effective nonprofit outreach.

The Nonprofit Quarterly

Widely recognized and research oriented, the NPQ offers unique insight and opinions on the most pressing issues facing the nonprofit community. Subscribers benefit from the quarterly publication as well as instant information via an online subscription.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

One of the oldest and most respected publications, The Chronicle of Philanthropy continually provides open dialogue between contributors and subscribers. With a focus on the most critical issues of the moment, this publication and associated website offers advice and planning tips for many sectors within the nonprofit arena.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

The SSIR offers a well researched look at the nonprofit community through an academic lens. The Stanford Social Innovation Review considers the needs of nonprofit agencies from a global perspective. Feature stories are often published in their entirety on the SSIR homepage and cover a myriad of major objectives. Even traditional nonprofit agencies will benefit from the fresh look of this publication and its focus on impact investing and community empowerment.

Advancing Philanthropy

The Association of Fundraising Professionals has more than five decades of experience and input in the nonprofit realm. High level volunteers and paid associates brainstorm ideas and stay on the cutting edge of the highest priorities facing fundraisers. Their publication, Advancing Philanthropy, features a comprehensive overview of these crucial issues as well as relevant solutions and opinions.

National Council of Nonprofits

Organizing a networking event or think tank across multi-state agencies can be cumbersome at best. The National Council of Nonprofits offers a significant number of resources to nonprofit professionals and the general population. On this densely packed website, users can find helpful information on policy trends and current action items. Current links to the nonprofit leaders in each state help professionals quickly connect with the most appropriate parties and take action.