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If you are ever looking to be inspired, Ted Talks will deliver every time. Ted Talks contain people who are passionate about something and want to share it with the world. There is a wide range of topics from interpersonal relationships, how to deal with and bounce back from inevitable tragedies, and tips and tricks for succeeding in various areas of life. One of the best categories in Ted Talks is leadership, as the presentations feature many different guest speakers who have proven their strong ability to be great leaders. Below, we will look at some of the best Ted Talks on Philanthropic Leadership and the crucial lessons they teach to us. 


Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action

This presentation is a fan favorite and one of the overall top Ted Talks ever given. It currently has 29 million views and is hosted by author Simon Sinek. He is known to be on the A-list of leadership professionals, and his talk does nothing but proves this correct. Simon notes that there is a difference between regular people and inspirational philanthropic leaders, and it is that great leaders start with “why.” He explains that when you begin by asking why, what, and how, you instantly put yourself on a path to success that not many other people can achieve. He lists starting with “why” as the primary concept of his ‘Golden Circle,’ which he further explains in his presentation. 


Sheryl Sandberg – Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

In 2008, Sheryl Sandberg left her job at Google to become the COO of Facebook. She hosts this presentation to discuss the vital question of why there is such a small amount of women in the C-suite. Sheryl notes how crucial it is that women continue to stay in the workforce, as it has significant benefits for everyone involved. Equal responsibility among partners and equal financial earning is nothing but positive for families and society. 


Angela Lee Duckworth – The Key to Success? Grit.

Angela uses this talk to prove to us that success requires hard work and grit. Once a consultant, she is now a teacher, philanthropist and motivational speaker. Angela notes that while talent is essential, the effort is twice as crucial. This Ted Talk is short but is straight to the point and a necessary listen for those who have started becoming complacent with taking shortcuts.