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Want to make a change? There is always the chance to give to those in desperate need. You don’t have to donate millions, and your gift can be time as well as money. It depends on what you have available in your home and your heart. The point is to make this planet a better place for everyone–and the gift goes both ways, because it feels good to do the right thing!

If you want to take up philanthropy, there are many inspiring TED Talks by people who have stepped out to help. We might not be able to give as much as we’d like, but our contributions will boost our spirits and brighten someone’s day.


1. Katherine Fulton: You Are The Future Of Philanthropy

What is philanthropy? Katherine Fulton sketches a world in which everyone comes together to improve our communities. If we don’t have money to spare, then we can give our positive energy. Teamwork and good intentions will make a world in which everyone feels welcome.


2. Peter Singer: The Why And How Of Altruism

We have all seen videos of people in need. While viewing these videos, we are certain that we would offer a hand in such situations. How do we behave when we truly find ourselves in these moments? Peter Singer’s TED Talk dares us to look at our own convictions and be prepared to do good when the opportunity is before us. The intention should be with us always, not only watching a viral clip.


  1. Daren Walker: How to Disrupt Philanthropy in Response to Crisis

One of the more timely TED talks on philanthropy, this presentation by Daren Walker discusses ways to build a better tomorrow in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While this task may seem like a lofty one at the moment, Walker suggests that it will be achievable via “a new kind of capitalism that’s rooted in generosity and accountability.” Ultimately, Walker asks his viewers to consider fostering a new philanthropic culture focused on uplifting everyone.